Watch: Fox News Wallace Treats Women Guest Horribly After She Shuts Him Down

Over the past few months, we’ve seen Fox New’s Chris Wallace turn into a total “never-Trumper.” Since the start of the impeachment process, Wallace has gotten hostile with those that counter Adam Schiff and House Democrats.

Fox News analyst and writer for Townhall Katie Pavlich was yelled at by Chris Wallace after she shut him down over the latest Bolton stunt. Pavlich had just made a very good point and Wallace yelled at her saying, “get your facts straight.”

Pavlich was making the point that during the Clinton impeachment before the articles of impeachment were voted on all the evidence and witness interviews were completed because that is how the system was designed.

Basically, she was saying you can’t have a trial and then look for evidence. But Wallace couldn’t take it and snapped at her but he was the one that had his facts wrong.

I’m not sure what the heck is going on at Fox News but the behavior of Chris Wallace is getting worse and worse as the impeachment trial continues. If Wallace privately wants the President removed from office that’s his business but to sit there and act like Don Lemon is unprofessional.

You can disagree with a colleague all you want but to raise your voice at them and embarrass them as he did to Katie Pavlich was out of pocket.

Fox News better be careful if they are going to keep allowing anchors like Wallace to talk to other employees like that, they do so at their own risk.

If Wallace would like to join his other biased liberal news buddies he should just leave Fox News and head over to CNN or MSNBC; I’m sure they would love to have him.

Red State