Dems Instantly Cry Foul Over This Rule McConnell Has Enforced And The Irony Of It Is Hilarious

It’s been one day and Democrats and the media are already up in arms over some of the rules that McConnell has put forth. Now, keep in mind Senator McConnell has basically followed the template of the 1999 Senate impeachment trial of former President Bill Clinton.

It started on Monday night when McConnell released the schedule for opening arguments by the managers and President Trump’s lawyers, he gave 24 hours to each side over a two day period, followed by a maximum of 16 hours of questioning.

Democrats immediately started whining about having to work a 12 hour day, they claim the long days are the GOP’s effort to “conceal” the President’s trial. Here’s an example of the Democrats whining about working long hours.

On a side note, you would think more people would watch because they’ll be home in the evenings unlike during the day when everyone is at work. 


The media also started complaining that they are going to have to work long hours to cover the Senate impeachment trial.

Imagine the gall of those Republicans making those Democrats actually work 12 hours a day, that’s more than eight hours! How are the Democrats going to be able to run to the press and create fake news together when they actually have to work (sarcasm)?

Oh, the irony.

ABC News