Watch: As New Allegations Arise Demand For Investigation Into Schiff And Pelosi Grow

After Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi holding the articles of impeachment for almost a month followed by Rep. Adam Schiff unveiling new “evidence” on a piece of paper, calls are growing for Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Nancy Pelosi be investigated over how they conducted the impeachment investigation in the House.

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon said, “This has now gotten to be absurd,” Bannon told Maria Bartiromo during a Friday appearance on Fox Business. “We ought to have a full investigation, and Pelosi and Schiff ought to come up and be very open for how long they’ve been working on this to try and drop this farce. And to me, this is now getting to be a kind of comic theater.”

Bannon said that he wants to see Senate Republicans call a lot of witnesses in the upcoming Senate Impeachment trial.

“If they want a trial and witnesses, let them have Bolton and Lev Parnas, if that’s what they want, and throw in Mulvaney too,” said Bannon. “Let us have the whistleblower, let us have Brennan, let us have Comey, let us have Joe Biden, let’s have both sides have our witnesses. I will take our witnesses to prove from the beginning this was a nullification project on a presidency that was disrupting things for the good of the American working people and the American middle class.”

“Let the nation see,” Bannon continued. “The Senate is not the jury. The American people are the jury, and the world is the audience. They are going to watch in the streets of Tehran, in Hong Kong, in Taiwan, in Beijing. They’re going to be watching what happens here. I think we need to get it all on the table. And if it’s all on the table, the Democrats are going to get smoked.”

Bannon noted that throughout the impeachment process the economy has continued to improve remarking that if the president was in real trouble the market would have crashed.

“100 years from now, what they’re going to remember is not this false solemnity you saw in the United States Senate,” Bannon said. “What they’re going to understand is that this was the beginning of the end of managed decline of the United States.”

Washington Examiner