Video: Media Drags Out Disgraced Never Trumper To Create New Narrative Over Impeachment

The media is starting to reach the bottom of the barrel as their efforts to pressure Republican Senators have failed so who do they bring out? Never Trumper and former Senator of Arizona, Jeff Flake and they use him to start a new narrative post impeachment.

The former Senator made an appearance on “CBS This Morning” and he was asked, “Do you think, senator, that you should have spoken up more? Do you regret that you didn’t speak up more? And why is it so difficult for Republicans to speak up against this president when they don’t believe what he’s doing?”

Flake responded and said, “Well, because they want to keep their jobs, and the president is extremely popular among Republican primary voters. That is a subset of a subset of a subset. But they are those who decide who represents the party and the general election.” 

Putting aside that Flake is a never trumper one reason why this guy is gone is who the hell talks like that? “That is a subset of a subset of a subset” The guy has been a politician so long he doesn’t even know how to relate to people.

“They are, in a sense, because this president won’t be there forever,” Flake said. “He’ll either be gone this time next year or four years from now. Then what happens to the Republican Party?”

But, this is where Flake really took the cake and created a new narrative that I would not doubt you’ll start to hear more and more as the impeachment trial goes on.

“My fear is people out there know that, even if this is not an impeachable offense, that the president did something wrong and for Republicans to maintain that he didn’t is just wrong,” he continued. “And this has long-term ramifications for the party if we act as if we are just devoted to the president no matter what out of this cult of personality that we’ve seen. We certainly saw it in the House.”

So there you go folks, here’s how they try to save face, according to the new narrative President Trump did not commit an impeachable offense but, he still did something wrong.

The Hill