Parents Desperately Fighting Dems To Stop Controversial Kindergartner Sex Education

Parents in the state of Washington are in a desperate battle with Democrats in their state because they are trying to push an aggressive ciriculium that would force kindergartners to take LGBTQ focused sex ed classes.

Breitbart News reports:

Democrats in the State House are pushing House Bill 2184, a measure that would mandate “comprehensive sexual health education” by the year 2022.

The Democrat narrative behind the legislation is that such a bill would establish “equity,” i.e., equal access to sexual health information, especially with regard to the topics of “affirmative consent” and the needs of LGBTQ students.

A workgroup composed of 16 women that reviewed K–12 sex ed provisions in the state concluded in its final report that “members agree all students would benefit from K–12 comprehensive sexual health education.”

Washington Rep. Michelle Caldier (R) who opposes the bill said, “When I looked at the curriculum, I’d be happy to read some of this stuff, but I will tell you I know that the chair would gavel me because it is completely inappropriate for me to say here,” Caldier said about the proposed mandated sex-ed curriculum. “And I think that if it is inappropriate for me to say on the dais, I don’t think that’s something that I would want to teach a kindergartner.”

Parents are also fighting back and a group called Informed Parents of Washington, are warning parents. The group feels that the legislation is imposing on parental “rights” and is providing awareness about the dangers of this bill.

The group warned in a Facebook post:

“In most cases “comprehensive” doesn’t mean what we think it means. Most of us might think that means the biology of sex and the fertilization process, maybe to include some information about avoiding std’s and pregnancy. In reality, though, most who promote “comprehensive sex education” are talking about the details of sexual activity and the varieties of sexual stimulation.

Many such programs include subtle (and not so subtle) encouragement for the students to experiment with same or opposite sex partners, instruction on the nature of orgasm and all the ways to achieve it along with drawings and/or photos that show them how.”

Breitbart News