Liberals Have A New Boogie Man To Blame The Coronavirus On

Liberals have a new boogie man to blame for the coronavirus and of course, it only makes sense I mean at this point they blame this on everything.

As officials around the world are scrambling to contain the coronavirus Bryn Nelson, writer for the Daily Beast is claiming that thanks to climate change diseases are harder to fight than ever.

Nelson claims that because wildlife is being forced into different habitats due to global warming it’s putting stress on the animals causing closer contact with humans. In his point of view that means that more animal diseases could cross over and infect humans.

“We can’t just keep closing down markets and disinfecting,” said Christine K. Johnson, professor of epidemiology and ecosystem health at the University of California at Davis. “We need to work in a more proactive way.”

Nelson quoted Jeanne Fair, a biosecurity and public health expert Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico claiming animals are shredding more viruses.

“When you’re stressed, you’re immunocompromised, and therefore you shed more virus,” she said. This super-shedder effect, as it’s known, can further increase the danger of a spillover event.”

Nelson also writes:

Researchers recently announced finding 33 viruses—28 of which were new to science—that had been entombed for 15,000 years in ice cores within a melting glacier in Tibet. In a worst-case scenario, the researchers reported, “This ice melt could release pathogens into the environment.” Many microbes never cause disease in humans, of course, but the specter of “zombie viruses” waking up after being frozen for millennia in glaciers and permafrost has inspired urgent calls for more surveillance.

It’s amazing how liberals tie everything to global warming. Throughout history up until the modern era, every few thousand years a bug would come through and wipe out massive amounts of the population global warming not included. 

I’m pretty sure global warming wasn’t a factor in 541AD when the Bubonic Plague wiped out 25 million people. Historians believe that in the city of Constantinople the plague was killing 5,000 people a day. Experts also believe that over its 12,000 years of existence smallpox has killed around 500 million people.

Disease come and go but to blame them on global warming is ridiculous and ignorant. However, we should also be glad to live in the modern era that has insulated us from such catastrophes.

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