Video: Desperate Dems Now Warn Senate We Aren’t Done With Impeachment Yet

House Democrat leaders are getting ready to continue their impeachment investigation despite sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate for the impeachment trial. House Democrats are attempting to use this to force the Senate to call new witnesses and pressure Republicans during the trial.

The Hill reported:

Even if McConnell has his way and prevents new witnesses from appearing, they may find a stage in the House, where a number of Democrats are already advocating for their testimony if they’re silenced by the Senate.

House Democrats have stated they are going to keep trying to impeach the President despite completing their investigation and sending it to the Senate. Rep. Maxine Waters said on Sunday, “We will not stop. Whether or not that leads to another impeachment activity, I don’t know,” she added. “But I know we must continue with the work that our constituents have elected us to come to Congress to do.”

Democrats have been clamoring to get Lev Parnas, a Soviet-born businessman who has been indicted on federal campaign finance charges.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) who drafted the articles of impeachment said:

We would be remiss in the House of Representatives not to follow this trail to its conclusion. And Parnas has emerged as an important figure in this criminal conspiracy to force or coerce a foreign government to help Trump’s reelection campaign.

House Democrats rushed the impeachment investigation despite having all the time they needed. Now, out of the blue House Democrats want to continue their investigation. This has caused Republican Senators to accuse the House Democrats of trying to push the Senate to do their job.

Senate Republicans have already signaled that they are not going to call Lev Parnas as a witness.

Republican Senator David Perdue said on Meet the Press Sunday, “[S]econd hand information. This is a distraction. This is a person that’s been indicted right now. He’s out on bail. He’s been meeting with the House Intel Committee. If the House felt like this information was pertinent, I would think they would’ve included him… … The President says he doesn’t know who he was.”

He’s right this is the House trying to meddle with the Senate trial and give the media storylines to attack Republicans and this is exactly why McConnell has put a kill switch into the rules of the Senate trial.

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